Is there a Cloud-based version of CurrentWare?

Is there a Cloud-based version of CurrentWare?

CurrentWare is a lightweight solution that has minimal system requirements. The software can run on almost any Windows-based environment.

CurrentWare is cloud compatible and has some alternatives that provide some of the same flexibility of cloud-based systems.

Web Console
The Web Console is a web-based administrative console that can be accessed on any device with Internet access to the CurrentWare Server. This password-protected web console provides the flexibility of remotely applying configurations to CurrentWare from any location. If you would like to be a quote for the web console, please contact our sales team here.

Cloud Compatibility
CurrentWare can be installed in your preferred cloud service provider. Here is step-by-step documentation for instructions on how to setup CurrentWare on your cloud server:

Remote Administrative Console
CurrentWare has the ability to access the administrative consoles on different computers in your network. This enables multiple users or computers in your network to apply configurations, run reports, or view data all with the administrators own credentials to log in. For more information, you can read our knowledge base article here.

If you have any questions on CurrentWare please contact our team here.

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