BrowseControl Filter Configuration – Best Practices

BrowseControl Filter Configuration – Best Practices

Here are some quick tips that are best practices when dealing with your BrowseControl filtering setup:

URL Filtering List (Allow & Block Lists)

  • When adding URLs there are automatically wildcards(*) before and after the entries. 
  • Entering “” will block “****”. To make your blockages more specific use a “.” before the urls. I.e. 
  • You do not need to add any “*”  characters to the URLs
  • Be careful not to additional characters! is different from
  • “WWW.” is automatically trimmed from the URL. You can use the domain only.
  • Some websites have backend pages needed to load resources from additional sites. Most commonly will be login pages, or portal pages. Use the BlockedURL Log to identify blocked resources

Category Filtering

  • When adding items from the Category List, only add the categories you need to block; some categories such as “CDN”, “Images”, or “Portal” may cause unexpected behaviors when loading websites that rely on resources that fall under those categories
  • Use the Allowed List (whitelist) to provide exceptions to specific domains that would normally be blocked by a category, such as blocking the Social Networks category while allowing access to
  • You can find a detailed list of the categories and their descriptions here
  • You can locally change what categories a domain is classified as using the reclassification tool, or if you find an incorrectly classified website you can report it here

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