Timeline View

Timeline View

The Timeline View presents an intuitive visual representation of user activity patterns through a timeline bar, offering a quick overview of instances when users are actively engaged with their computers. 

 You can also visualize trends and patterns across multiple days for any user, or across multiple users on a particular day.

This is a great complement to the activity log and login sessions widgets to provide a full picture of activity patterns.

How does it work? 

This shows the data collected from BrowseReporter’s application and website tracking in a timeline, so that you can see at a glance the active and idle periods.  This view is a simplified representation of the data, where data has been grouped where possible to provide more useful insights.

The Timeline View is available on the user and group drill down. 

Active Time (blue): The time when a user’s keyboard and mouse movements are active.

Idle Time (grey): The time when a user is idle with no keyboard or mouse movement, exceeding the default threshold of 5 minutes. The idle time threshold can be configured under Settings > BrowseReporter. 

Timeline View on the Group Drilldown

This view shows the Timelines of the first 10 users in the selected group for a single day.  To see the next page of users, use the arrow buttons at the bottom right of the view.

The Timeline View is available for the group drilldown when a single day is active in the date selector.  To do this, click “Day” to select today for viewing:

Or, to select a particular date, choose the date picker and click on a single date, and the “Apply” button.

A single date selection is required in the Group Drilldown to allow a manageable number of Timeline views to fit into the page.

Timeline View on the User Drilldown

In the user timeline, you can see the active and idle time grouped into time blocks, which represent the duration of time they spent on their computer engaged in their activity. 

For more insights, hover your mouse over any of the time blocks to open a tooltip showing more details.

This shows the Active or Idle duration of the current time block, along with the start and end time.

There is also the total Active and Idle duration for this user over the whole day.

Tips to make full use of the Timeline View

Use the search bar in the Group drill-down to leverage the flexibility of partial matching to find a specific user in the group

Adjust the time range to focus on the periods of the timeline that you’re most interested in

Leverage all the available information.  The Timeline View, Login Sessions, and detailed Activity Log provide convenient access to a wealth of information.


What are the white areas between data or gaps?

White areas represent times when data was not available (e.g. computer offline, client uploading to a different CW server, client process was stopped).  If any apps are configured to be excluded from tracking, then there would be a gap where those apps are used.

Why aren’t my timeline bars all grouped in the same time periods? They are separated into multiple blocks.

Some active periods may contain such small periods of idle time that are not visible, so they are composed of multiple periods (e.g. active, idle, active)

Why doesn’t the active time / idle time match the duration of the period?

Due to the grouping of the raw data, some active and idle time may not exactly match the expected duration between the start and end times of a period.  This may be due to short periods where the client could not determine activity or non-activity.  If a user is simultaneously using multiple computers under the same user account, then the active/idle time within a period may be higher than expected.

What happens to a user on multiple computers?

Activity from all computers used at the same time is merged into a single timeline, so the active or idle time for a given period may be higher than expected.  Currently, where there are conflicting events i.e. a user is active on one computer but idle on another, the timeline bar is overwritten by whichever is the later event.  Therefore it may not be a full representation of the activity at that point.  This will be improved in an upcoming version.

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