Best practices to catch mouse mover software

Best practices to catch mouse mover software

To protect against the potential for data manipulation through the use of mouse manipulation software or physical devices that mimic computer activity, it is essential to be aware of these potential sources of inaccuracy.

Through BrowseReporter you can easily search your data and be aware of commonly used software names.

Some of the keywords you can search in your application usage would be:

  • Mouse
  • Move
  • Jiggler

The applications that are most commonly used are:

  • Mousejiggle.exe
  • Mousemove.exe
  • Movemouse.exe
  • Xumouse.exe
  • Mousemover.exe
  • Minimousemacro.exe

There are many other potential software that works as a mouse moving utility, so when investigating report data, we can see a common keyword to look for would be “mouse”.

To use the Dashboard

  1. Go to the “Application” tab
  2. Scroll to the bottom and search the “Activity Log
  3. Try looking up “mouse“, “move” or “jiggle” to see if any users have been caught using these applications.

Use the search bar at the top of the activity log to filter results

To use the Static Reports

  1. Go into the BrowseReporter “Manage” page
  2. Select “Run Reports” 
  3. Scroll to the Application reports near the bottom and select “Specific Application(s) Usage
  4. Click the “Select Applications” option and enter “mouse”,” move” and “jiggle” as entries.
    • These results will wildcard before and after your search terms to match the keywords
  5. Apply the changes and run the report

If you are looking to block these programs, check out our BrowseControl best practices related to mouse movers.

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