Exclude websites from activity reports

Exclude websites from activity reports

You can exclude specific websites from being tracked by BrowseReporter to reduce the amount of data stored and focus your reports on the websites that matter.

How to Exclude Websites from BrowseReporter Reports

  1. Open BrowseReporter from the left-hand menu.
  2. Click on the Exclusion List  button from the menu bar to bring up a window that allows you to input URLs that you want to exclude from your reports.

You have to option to hide the websites from reports or not track the website entirely.

Show Excluded URLs/Applications in Reports:
By enabling this checkbox, all URLs and applications defined under the exclusion list will be listed in the reports.

Upload Excluded URLs/Applications from client
When this option is disabled, URLs and applications under the Excluded List will not be uploaded from the client database to the central database. This option will permanently erase the excluded URLs and applications on the client’s local database before any data is uploaded to the server.

Delete Excluded URL/Application History
When you click on this button, BrowseReporter will delete all the excluded URLs and applications from the CurrentWare database.

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