Why do I see more than 1 hour in my bar graph?

Why do I see more than 1 hour in my bar graph?

There are a couple causes as to why your bar graph may visually show more than 1 hour in a 1 hour period time frame.
1. You are sorting the data on a user basis, and the user was logged into more than 1 tracked machine.

If the user uses PC-A and PC-B both within a selected timeframe, both PCs are tracked and the data will visually be shown based on their usage of both.

2. The user left a page open and the PC does not go into sleep/standby/hibernate mode.

The tracking begins when the user opens the page. The tracking will not provide the active/idle/total usage time until the page closes. So if the page is left running for 1+ hour, the currentware totals will not add into the data until it is closed, navigated away from, or the client does it time based reset. When the page data is sent over it will show the time used on that page from the starting period on the graph.

Enable Hourly Website Usage

As of v8.0.0 there is an option to have the bars cut off after each hour. This will change how some of the timed data is viewed in the activity logs and reports.

Go to Settings > BrowseReporter > Tracking Options and select the “Enable Hourly Website Usage” option.

After making this change, ensure to check your dashboard activity logs and static usage reports. The data will show up broken down into hourly periods.

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