Which devices can I control with AccessPatrol?

Which devices can I control with AccessPatrol?

AccessPatrol allows you to control the following external devices on your users computers.
Device ClassDevicesAccess Permissions
Storage DevicesUSBFull / Read only / No access

DVD /CDFull / Read only / No access

FloppyFull / Read only / No access

TapeFull / Read only / No access

External Hard driveFull / Read only / No access

FirewireFull / Read only / No access

SD CardFull / Read only / No access

MM CardFull / Read only / No access
Wireless DevicesBluetoothFull / Audio Only/ No access

InfraredFull / No access

WifiFull / No access
Communication PortsSerial Full / No access

ParallelFull / No access
Imaging DevicesScannersFull / No access

Cameras, Webcams & OthersFull / No access
OthersPrintersFull / No access

USB Ethernet AdapterFull / No access

Sound CardsFull / No access

Portable Devices (iPhones, Mobiles)Full / No access

Network ShareFull / No access

Bluetooth Audio Only – Allow Bluetooth audio devices such as headphones and microphones, while blocking other Bluetooth peripherals that transfer data to and from your computers.

Note: AccessPatrols allowed list supports USBs, external hard drives, imaging devices, and portable devices.

How do I block external devices on my user’s computers?

  1. Select the AccessPatrol tab on the left-hand side of the console.
  2. Click on a group of computers or users based on you being in PC or USER mode.
  3. From the AccessPatrol menu, select Device Permissions  Button.
  4. Choose the device permissions you want to change from the dropdown list of options. You can choose individually from the 5 categories: Storage Devices, Wireless Devices, Ports, Imaging Devices, and Other Devices.
  5. You can block the access permission for all devices by selecting All Devices and assign No Access to it.
  6. The devices that are blocked will be listed in the CurrentWare Console under the column Devices Blocked.

Read-Only Permission: This allows the user to read the file but cannot make changes to it. The user will not have the ability to create new files on the controlled devices. Read-only permission is available for storage devices only.

Note on System Restart: while the policy is updated instantly to the client computers, some restrictions involve updating the system drivers, and a system restart is required on the client computers.

Displaying a warning message when a device is blocked

You can customize the warning message your users will see when they insert a device is blocked by AccessPatrol.

  1. Select the AccessPatrol tab on the left-hand side of the console.
  2. Click on a group or a computer.
  3. From the AccessPatrol menu, select Device Permissions  Button.
  4. Click on the Warning Message button
  5. Select Message Box from the drop down menu
  6. Type in your warning message

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