What is AccessPatrol?

What is AccessPatrol?

AccessPatrol is a proactive solution for securing company endpoints to prevent the illicit transfer of data and download of malware from unauthorized devices, resulting in an increase of network security for businesses of all sizes.

Companies around the world are falling victim to data breaches and malware attacks because they are not implementing endpoint security software to protect their computers.

AccessPatrol Features

Block USBsOne-click to block USB devices completely
Device PermissionsSet full access, read-only or no access on storage devices
Allowed List Allow specific storage device to be always allowed on your network
Auditing ReportsReport on devices accessed or blocked and file operations.
Block File Extensions Prevent users from transfer restricted file types to their devices
Email AlertsAlert Administrators of unauthorized file transfers and device access
Email ReportsEmail device reports directly to your administrator’s inbox.

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    • AccessPatrol is blocking my users from charging their phones

      Your users mobile phones won’t be able to charge when AccessPatrol’s blocking restrictions are enabled because their mobile device drivers have not been successfully installed onto the users’ computers. In order for the mobile device drivers to be ...
    • Which devices can I control with AccessPatrol?

      AccessPatrol allows you to control the following external devices on your users computers. Device Class Devices Access Permissions Storage Devices USB Full / Read only / No access DVD /CD Full / Read only / No access Floppy Full / Read only / No ...
    • How do I disable AccessPatrol’s device tracking?

      AccessPatrol can track your users’ device usage and file operations. If you are only using AccessPatrol just for blocking access to devices then you can disable the device tracking feature. This will keep your CurrentWare server database size to a ...
    • Will the blocked devices be accessible when the AccessPatrol server is not running?

      The AccessPatrol Client retains data on the client-side. If the server is unavailable, the permissions will still be applying to the client computers. Disable blocking when CurrentWare server is unavailable Open the CurrentWare Web Console. Choose ...
    • How do I whitelist external devices?

      Administrators can utilize AccessPatrol’s Device Allowed List to specify which devices your end users can have access to. By adding a device to the Allowed List, any authorized users on the network will be able to access it even if the device’s ...