Watch CurrentWare videos

Watch CurrentWare videos

CurrentWare Overview

A comprehensive overview of CurrentWare’s Employee Monitoring and Endpoint Security Solution for your organization

CurrentWare Console & Client Installation

Learn how to get started with CurrentWare with the console and client installation.

How to Block Employee Internet Access with BrowseControl

Using BrowseControl to control Internet access on your network is easy. This video will show you how to accomplish in under 5 minutes.

BrowseReporter Employee Monitor Technical Demo

BrowseReporter helps you gain visibility on your employees’ productivity by understanding what your employees are doing on their computers. This technical demo will show you how to use BrowseReporter.

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    • Which databases does the CurrentWare Server support?

      The CurrentWare Server is compatible with the following databases: SQL Server Express (default) SQL Server Standard SQL Server Enterprise SQL Server As of v6.0.1, SQL Server is necessary as a database for Currentware. Please see our informative guide ...
    • Retrieve CurrentWare passwords

      As the passwords and database are all locally hosted on-premises there is no website based password reset. If you have lost or forgotten your CurrentWare Console Operator or CurrentWare Client passwords, please contact our technical support team for ...
    • How to recover your CurrentWare Console password

      During the CurrentWare installation or upgrade process you are prompted to create an operator account and password. The user information is encrypted and stored on your local database. If you have forgotten your account information the CurrentWare ...
    • Schedule CurrentWare Server Restart to Troubleshoot Issues

      If you are having issues with CurrentWare, restarting the CurrentWare Server service will ensure stability in communication between the CurrentWare server and clients. We recommend also setting CurrentWare server restart schedule for every 12 hours. ...
    • Renamed The CurrentWare Server PC

      If you renamed your CurrentWare server PC and find yourself having issues opening your web console, it’s likely due to the backend SQL connection properties. The easiest way to fix this issue is to do a quick uninstall and reinstall of the server ...