Perpetual vs Subscription License? What does it mean?

Perpetual vs Subscription License? What does it mean?

With the release of CurrentWare v6.0 we have begun the transition to a Web based Console. This new feature is available to customers who have a subscription key. Prior to CurrentWare v6.0, you most likely had a perpetual license key (from a new purchase or from your maintenance plan)

Current customers who would like to access and use the new and improved CurrentWare web console can contact the sales team to get a quote to upgrade to a subscription key.

Licensing Type

Access to the Legacy Desktop ConsoleYesYes
Access to the New Web ConsoleNoYes

I just upgraded from an older version of CurrentWare

When you upgrade from a version prior to v6.0.0, you will be provided with 14 day evaluation keys equal to your current licenses automatically. You don’t need to worry about putting your existing key in right away if you want to test out the Web Console!

Feel free to request your updated licenses at any time during your upgrade process, but once you put in a perpetual or permanent key, you will no longer have access to test out the Web Console feature.

Where is my old CurrentWare Desktop Console?

With an up-to-date perpetual license you still have full access and your keys entitle you to the latest desktop console!

You can access your CurrentWare desktop console by running this application:

C:\Program Files (x86)\CurrentWare\cwConsole\cwConsole.exe

You can also right-click that cwConsole.exe and add it to your desktop for easier access.

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