Installing CurrentWare with Local SQL on a Domain Controller

Installing CurrentWare with Local SQL on a Domain Controller

When you install CurrentWare it is not recommended to use a Domain Controller and SQL on the same PC. If it is necessary to do so, you may run into errors when installing SQL. This is related to the permissions that are created on the SQL Services, as the domain controller cannot properly assign them.

To resolve the installation issue:

A. If you are preparing to install CurrentWare on a Domain Controller
  1. Go the Microsoft website and download the SQL Express version you are going to install. Ensure it is compatible with your Operating System.
  2. Run the installation package. When prompted to choose between “Recommended Installation” and “Custom Installation”, select Custom Installation.
  3. You can next through the steps. When you reach “Server Configuration” there is an input needed.
    • For “SQL Server Database Engine”
      • Account Name Column: Enter your Domain\Administrator credentials.
      • Password Column: Enter the Domain\Administrator account password.

B. If you have already installed CurrentWare on a Domain Controller
  1. Open your Windows Services.
    • Search “Services.msc” in your windows search bar.
  2. Search for “SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS)”.
    • If you entered a different name for the SQL Server during the install, it will be SQL Server (YourName) as the SQL server service.
  3. Right-click “SQL Server SQLEXPRESS” and choose Properties.
  4. Go to the Log On tab.
  5. Under “This account:” enter the domain credentials.
  6. Enter the Password in the “Password:” and “Confirm Password:” entry boxes.
  7. Press Apply to save the changes, and the SQL Server should now be able to start.

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