Set up Idle Notification Email Alerts

Set up Idle Notification Email Alerts

You can easily set up an email notification alert to be notified of when a user is idle for a defined time. This real-time alert informs you that your user may be using company time maliciously, especially in the landscape of a hybrid or remote workforce.

An email message is immediately triggered to selected recipients to help them respond immediately to the inactivity of users. The alert notification contains specifics about the date, time, and the specified amount of time they were inactive to trigger the idle alert.

How to create an Email Alert:

NOTE: You must have your email settings configured before creating an email alert.

  1. Choose the BrowseReporter tab on the left-hand side of the console
  2. Select Email Alerts
  3. Click on the New Alert button.
  4. Put in the Alert Name and the email address of the recipient of the reports.

    Following from the # bubbles on the above image:
    1. Select the Idle radio button.
    2. Set an Idle Trigger in Minutes. This is how long a user is idle until you get notified.
    3. Select the Computers/Users that you want to monitor.
    4. Choose which days of the week and the time period that are relevant to your employees' work days.
    5. The “Send me only the first email alert for each user per day” means you will only get an email notification the first time a user triggers an idle alert. With this unselected, you will receive an email alert each time the user hits the idle trigger

An example of the email alert received by the recipient:

Adding alerts directly from the BrowseReporter dashboard

In dashboards that display tables containing an “Idle Time” column, admins now have the option quickly add an idle alert to computers that are of interest.  For example, an admin may wish to receive idle alerts for a particular user.

When the mouse cursor is hovering over the “Idle Time (Total)” column, a bell icon appears, which when clicked will open the idle alert creation dialog box, with the user’s previously used computers selected.

I don’t see the alert bell icon in other columns

This is only available for tables that contain an idle time column.  It is not available on average or percentage idle time columns as Idle alerts are not triggered on average or percentage data.

Why do I receive alerts for other users that I didn’t select?

The Idle Alerts feature is based on Computers, not Users.  This means the Idle alert covers all users on the selected computers.

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