Transfer licenses to another computer

Transfer licenses to another computer

If you have a decommissioned computer that will no longer be using CurrentWare, you can remove its license and apply it to another computer.

Removing the license

To remove a license from a decommissioned PC:

  1. Find the folder with your decommissioned PC.
  2. Click on the checkbox beside the decommissioned computer on the CurrentWare Web Console.
  3. Select the Delete option from the menu bar or from the more options button  on the right side of the screen.

Note: The computer must have the CurrentWare client service stopped or uninstalled, or be offline in order to delete it from the console.

If you do not want to delete the computer from the console and keep it available for future use but still want to transfer its license you can do the following:

On the CurrentWare Web Console, go to Settings > Licensing and then click License Computers from the menu bar.

Click on the check boxes to Apply/Remove licenses to and from your computers. You can transfer licenses from your decommissioned computers to your new ones here.

Note: The computer must already have the CurrentWare Client installed and be connected to the CurrentWare server in order to transfer a license to it.

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