How do I audit my operator’s activities on the Web Console?

How do I audit my operator’s activities on the Web Console?

Audit logs help you answer “who did what, where, and when?” when it comes to configuration changes and data access within the CurrentWare Console. It documents every change made to your CurrentWare security policies, console settings and configurations, which operator was responsible for the change, and when the change occurred.

The audit logs provide your security, auditing, and compliance entities the information they need to monitor your CurrentWare data and systems for misuse or operator compromise.

View Audit Log

  1. From your CurrentWare Console, go to Tools > Logs and click on the Audit Log tab.
  2. Choose the module from the dropdown menu. You can choose from 7 different modules:
    1. Settings
    2. Tools
    3. AccessPatrol
    4. BrowseControl
    5. BrowseReporter
    6. enPowerManager
    7. Manage
  3. While viewing the logs, some events allow you to drill down to see more information. For example, if an operator deletes BrowseReporter data, you will get to see the user/computer’s data deleted, the date range, and the type of data deleted. Click on “view details” to get more information on these events.
  4. Need to hone in on the review period? Use the date picker from the top right-hand corner to choose the date range. 
  5. Need to narrow your data? Use the Search box or the column filter (⋮) to narrow down the results
  6. Need to slice and dice your data using other data analytics software? You can export the data to an Excel file or PDF file. 

Example of an audit log for AccessPatrol activities

Schedule Audit Log summary reports by email

Schedule an email to send at a specific time daily or weekly containing a summary of your audit log.

  1. Click on the Email  button next to the date picker on the right to add a new schedule.  
  2. Select one of the following Log types:
    1. Settings: changes to client/console/server settings, email configuration, solution settings, and licensing
    2. Tools: changes to remote client install, auto upgrade clients, redirect clients, auto delete scheduler, database backup scheduler, import users, reclassification, client restart schedule, and logs viewed.
    3. AccessPatrol: dashboard & run report views. Changes to device permissions, allowed list, email report/alerts, device scheduler, block file transfer, exclusion list, delete data
    4. BrowseControl: changes to URL/category filter, app blocker, Internet scheduler, timer, quota, file/port filter, display warning message. 
    5. BrowseReporter: dashboard, run report, today’s insight, screenshots views. Changes to email reports/alerts, exclusion list, export URLs, delete data
    6. enPowerManager: run report views. Changes to the power scheduler, advanced power policies, shutdown/boot options, and delete data. 
    7. Manage: changes to PC/user mode and the manage page with users, groups, and computers.
  3. Select between daily or weekly for send frequency
    1. Daily reports will contain entries of yesterday’s activity. 
    2. Weekly reports will contain entries from Monday to Sunday of the previous week.
  4. Select a send time
  5. Select a report format: CSV, XLSX or PDF
  6. Enter a recipient email

If you have further issues with your CurrentWare Solutions, contact our technical support team.

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