Device Warning Message

Device Warning Message

AccessPatrol is a powerful security solution that provides endpoint control and data leakage prevention. It allows administrators to control and restrict access to USB and other removable devices, thus preventing the theft or loss of sensitive data. In this article, we will discuss how AccessPatrol displays warning messages and the different types of warnings that are available.

Notification Pop-up

AccessPatrol can be configured to display a notification pop-up when a device is connected to a computer. This pop-up provides a brief message to the user, informing them that a new device has been connected and that it may be subject to restrictions. The notification pop-up can be customized to include a specific message that the administrator wants to convey. The notification pop-up is non-intrusive, allowing users to continue working while still providing them with a clear warning message.

Dialog Warning Pop-up

In addition to the notification pop-up, AccessPatrol can also display a dialog warning pop-up. This type of warning is more intrusive and requires the user to acknowledge the warning before they can continue using the device. The dialog warning pop-up can be configured to display a specific message or to include a list of actions that the user should take before using the device. For example, the warning message may instruct the user to run a virus scan on the device before accessing any files.

How to turn on Notifications

  1. Log into your CurrentWare Web Console
  2. Select Settings from the left-hand side
  3. Go to AccessPatrol > Client Settings tab
  4. Select the checkbox beside “Show AccessPatrol warning message when a USB device is connected”
    • Optional: Edit your message by editing the text in the textbox
  5. Choose between a notification pop-up or a dialog box
  6. Choose to apply it to all groups or make sure you have the correct group selected from the drop-down at the top.
  7. Apply to save your options

NOTE: App notifications are not always enabled by default. They may be disabled by Windows Group Policy, Windows registry, or user settings. Please check your windows image and administrative settings for notifications.

By displaying warning messages when a device is connected, AccessPatrol helps to prevent the theft or loss of sensitive data. The notification pop-up provides a non-intrusive warning message, while the dialog warning pop-up requires users to acknowledge the warning before using the device. With AccessPatrol, administrators can easily configure and customize warning messages to ensure that users are aware of the risks associated with removable devices.

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