Creating Operator Accounts

Creating Operator Accounts

When you first install CurrentWare, you are prompted to create an Administrator account prior to the end of the installation. If you have alternate admins or users who need their own logins or different sets of permissions within the console, you can create and personalize their logins.

Creating the Operator

To add a new operator to go “Settings” in the left hand navigation menu and select “Operators” from the secondary menu that opens. Select the ADD OPERATOR button to create a new Admin/User account.

  1. Enter the appropriate name of the user/admin in the “Operator Username” text field.
  2. Enter a password in the “Password” field. The users can change their passwords once they log in to the console.
  3. Re-type the password in the “Confirm Password” field.
  4. Optional: Enter a description for the account in the “Description” field.
  5. Select if the account will be for a User or Admin operator in the “Role” field.
    • If the account is a User account, you can select edit permissions. This will allow you to select which groups of PCs and/or Users the account can access.
    • It will also allow you to set specific permissions based on each solution and feature they can access.

  1. Ensure to hit Apply if adding user permissions and Add from the Settings > Operator page to finish creating the account.

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