Client Connectivity

Client Connectivity

In version 8.0 of CurrentWare, the connections between Clients and Server have been thoroughly overhauled to ensure stability and minimize potential disruptions. The result of these changes is a significant improvement in the performance and reliability of the software, which will provide a more positive user experience.

To take advantage of these enhancements, you can access the Client Connectivity settings in the web console. Navigate to Settings > Server Settings > Client Connectivity and you will be able to select one of the two newly created modes that have been tailored to suit your specific client connection requirements.

Active mode

The server establishes a direct connection with all clients and regularly checks on their status through this link. For businesses with fewer than 100 computers, this method is suggested for ensuring optimal connectivity.

In Active mode, you can configure the following settings:

  • Upload Frequency (seconds/minutes): the interval in which tracking data is uploaded from the client computers to the server
  • Upload mode (socket or web services): the transportation mode in which the data is transferred from the client computers to the server

This is the default mode when you install your CurrentWare Server for the first time.

Passive mode

The server sends data to the clients periodically to reduce network overhead. This is recommended for enterprises with more than 250 computers deployed.

In Passive mode, you can configure the following settings: 

  • Ping Frequency (seconds/minutes): The interval at which client information, including policies, settings, and status updates, is sent between client computers and the server.
  • Upload Frequency (seconds/minutes): the interval in which tracking data is uploaded from the client computers to the server
  • Record count/batch (number of records): the number of records each upload will transfer from the client to the server. 

Which mode and configuration to choose? 

Having the right configuration for your setup will greatly enhance the stability of your CurrentWare setup. We recommend the following configurations based on the number of computers you have the CurrentWare client deployed. 

Due to BrowseReporter being the most data intensive solution, there are recommended settings that differentiate based on what solutions you are running.

Please choose the correct tab based on if you are using BrowseReporter.

Under 250 computers: 

  • Connection Mode: Active
  • Ping Frequency: 30 seconds
  • Upload Frequency: 10 seconds
  • Upload mode: Web Services

Between 250 to 500 computers: 

  • Connection Mode: Passive
  • Ping Frequency: 1 minute
  • Upload Frequency: 30 seconds
  • Record count/batch: 10

Between 500 to 1000 computers:

  • Connection Mode: Passive
  • Ping Frequency: 2 minutes
  • Upload Frequency: 1 minute
  • Record count/batch: 10

More than 1000 computers: 

  • Connection Mode: Passive
  • Ping Frequency: 3 minutes
  • Upload Frequency: 2 minutes
  • Record count/batch: 10 

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