How do I whitelist external devices?

How do I whitelist external devices?

Administrators can utilize AccessPatrol’s Device Allowed List to specify which devices your end users can have access to. By adding a device to the Allowed List, any authorized users on the network will be able to access it even if the device’s permission is set to No Access.

You can choose to allow devices by the following identifiers:

  • Vendor ID
  • Serial number
  • PNP device ID

Adding a Device to the Allowed list

Support Devices: AccessPatrol’s allowed list supports USBs, External Hard drives, Imaging devices, and portable devices.

  1. A device must have been physically connected to a computer where the CurrentWare client is installed at one point in time.
  2. Select AccessPatrol from the left-hand menu
  3. Click on a group and select Allowed List  button.
  4. Click on Add from Available Devices.
  5. Choose a device from the Vendor ID, Serial Number or PNP Device ID list.
  6. Click on Add to Allowed List.
  7. The selected devices will be added to the Allowed list.

Note: Allow a device by serial number is fully compatible with Windows 10. For Windows 7 or 8, some newer models of USB devices may not support this feature. Instead of allowing by serial number, it will allow all devices from the same vendor and model.

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