Can I set up a scheduler to shut down or boot up my computers?

Can I set up a scheduler to shut down or boot up my computers?

With enPowerManager, you can set up a scheduler that will shut down or boot up your computers at a specific time of the day on a scheduled basis. You can also set times for when you want a computer to Standby, Hibernate, Restart.

  1. Choose enPowerManager from the left-hand menu on the CurrentWare Web Console.
  2. Select Power Scheduler 
  3. Click New Schedule.
  4. Set your Type and Frequency using the drop-down lists.
  5. Enter the exact Time you would like your schedule to happen in the Time box.
  6. Click on the checkbox for Only shutdown if computer(s) is idle for to only shutdown computers with the scheduler if they are inactive for your desired amount of time.
  7. Click Add Schedule, then click Enable Power Scheduler in the top right corner.

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