Average Time

Average Time

Averages Times are valuable for providing a more balanced view of your teams’ productivity patterns, allowing comparisons, and allowing you to identify high-performing teams. Averages are displayed in several areas of the BrowseReporter dashboard, as well as in the daily and weekly summary emails.

Calculation of averages

Averages are calculated using the mean of the appropriate values, taking into account “active days”.  Only time spent during active days are included in the averaging calculation.

Definition of an “active day”

A day is considered an active day when a user spends at least a minimum number of hours active on computer activities in a day. The default threshold is 2 hours.

For example, if a user logs into their work computer to briefly check emails on their day off, and spends 30 minutes working, this is not considered an active day.

Why active days are important

In order to calculate the daily average productive, active, or idle time, normally the productive time, active and idle time would be averaged across all the days they logged in.

In the example above, where the user logs in on an off day and checks emails for 30 minutes, the user would have an artificially low daily average productive time due to the extra time they worked on their day off.

Using the concept of active days, since that day is not an active day, their daily work hours are not diluted by the inclusion of that day. This will help give a more accurate representation of data for days the users worked.

Changing the active time setting

The threshold number of hours required for a user to be active in order for that day to be considered an active day can be configured in the BrowseReporter settings page.

  1. Open your Web Console > Login > Go to Settings
  2. Choose BrowseReporter
  3. Under “Tracking Options” you can configure the time metric for an active day.

By default an active day is only counted after 2 hours of active time.

It is important to consider the work patterns within your own organization, when determining the value for this threshold. 

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